Brown Bag Seminar: Batuhan Osmanoglu


Since my last brown bag seminar, we continued working on EcoSAR (PI: Fatoyinbo) and made some progress in processing the data. We have also been working on a forest structure project (PI:Ranson) over the past year. Furthermore, we were recently awarded a High Mountain Asia (HMA) project which recently held its first team meeting at Goddard. I wanted to put together a short brown bag seminar on the current status of all these projects.HMA project is a 3-year project that started this fiscal year, and focuses on understanding the climate-glacier-hydrology relationship in the region. Unlike most other ROSES opportunities, all funded groups are expected to work together in a big team. Our project has four different tasks; remote sensing, climate modeling, glacier modeling and hydrology modeling. I will briefly introduce the goals of the HMA team, and will provide details on our project. EcoSAR processing has been improving and we recently developed an algorithm to produce SAR imagery automatically. I will be presenting this algorithm explaining how it works, and will show some examples of the recent imagery we have processed. For the forest structure project, we have been working on modeling Howland Forest with a plot level spatially explicit model (SIBBORK). Our aim in doing this is to simulate remote sensing (e.g. SAR) returns from these simulated forests to create a link between modeling results and remote sensing data. I will describe the model and present our recent results on the project