Brown Bag Seminar: Emanuelle A. Feliciano

NPP Fellow - NASA Goddard

 Wetlands are regions that are covered permanently or seasonally with water and provide various ecosystem services such as flow regulation, storm protection, aquifer recharge, sediment and nutrient retention, conservation of fauna and flora, recreation and tourism, and are a natural laboratory for research and education. They are under severe pressure due to anthropogenic activities and climate change. There is an urgent need to conserve, restore and monitor wetlands at all scales (local to global). Wetlands are difficult to monitor, due to their large extent and limited accessibility. This talk will present the practicality of various high-resolution remote sensing techniques (ground-based lidar, airborne lidar and space-based SAR) to monitor and quantify structural parameters of forested wetlands, having as an example the South Florida Everglades National Park wetland ecosystem.