Brown Bag Seminar: Madeeha Merchant

Spatial Information Design Lab, Graduate School of Architecture, Preservation & Planning, Columbia University

Both conflict and climate change redefine social mobility and rebuild spatial structures, challenging a radically new model of urbanism that is built upon spatial relationships and operational orders rather than geometrically defined borders. Conflict infrastructure is built upon an interdisciplinary dialogue that requires multidimensional process analysis, to conceive, construct and operate in socio-political urban landscapes. Today, with blistering social connectivity and abundance of satellite data, conflict zones have increasingly become information rich yet remain analytically poor environments. Conflict Infrastructure examines new ways in which we can leverage advanced data modeling techniques, machine learning algorithms and digital mapping methods to analyze, visualize and investigate new notions or urban territoriality. Using Syria as the case study, we explore through our set of interdisciplinary tools and expertise, the realm of computer vision, machine learning and remote sensing, to analyze the the civil war.