Brown Bag Seminar: Matthieu Emmanuel Galvez

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich


Over geological time, the carbon cycle has connected the surface and the interior of the Earth. The complexity of the geological carbon cycle arises from at least two key properties: it is an evolved system — an emerging macroscopic structure shaped by biological evolution — and it evolves on a dynamic planet. For this reason, its complexity owes both to geodynamic and biochemical factors. I will discuss recent advances in understanding the mechanisms and evolutionary significance of the weak but sustained leaks of biogenic carbon between the surface, the lithosphere and the mantle of our planet since ca. 3.8 billion years


As a Branco Weiss fellow, Dr. Matthieu Galvez investigates the processes that redistribute light elements (H, O, C, S) between the surface and the interior of our planet. These chemical cycles and their interactions have governed the coevolution of Earth and Life over geological time. This project will provide a perspective on the mechanisms and dynamics of change on Earth.