John Barker's Retirement Luncheon

Code 614.4, Biospheric Sciences Branch
John Barker, President of Goddard's Dance Club, Landsat Project Scientist, and Biospheric Sciences Branch Member will be retiring after 33 years of service. Please join us at his retirement party and wish him a fond farewell. Wednesday, January 17, 11:30 AM Barney & Bea Recreation Center Cost: $15 (includes lunch and gift contribution) Menu: Sandwich Buffet, Salads, Sodas, Dessert (Hawaiian shirt optional) Purchase tickets NLT Friday, Jan 12 from: Sandi Bussard Bldg 33, Rm G427, 301-614-6693 Sheila Humke Bldg 33, Rm G427, 301-614-6694 Omega Williams Bldg 33, Rm A120, 301-614-5675 Michelle Ben-Gera Bldg 33, Rm A120, 301-614-5671 You have 30 days from 12-18-2006 to download John Barker's retirement flyer from the following URL: Please use the following to login: username = barker password = retirement