Biopshere Human Land Use

Rising population and globalization have led to increased appropriation of natural ecosystems for human use. The provision of ecosystem services, including food and water security, depends on the effectiveness of land management, and the availability of information on current trends in land utilization and condition.

Transition from double- to single-cropping & de-intensification of agriculture in Zimbabwe (courtesy C.J Tucker and J. Van Den Hoek)

Transition from double- to single-cropping & de-intensification of agriculture in Zimbabwe (courtesy C.J Tucker and J. Van Den Hoek)

Research on human land use at GSFC leverages long-term satellite records to understand the dynamics of managed ecosystems, and harnesses social and economic models to understand the drivers and consequences of land use.

Areas of Interest

Agriculture and water use in North Africa (L. Bounoua) 

Agricultural management from MODIS time series (J. Van Den Hoek)