610AT Atmospheres Special Seminar

613 Climate & Radiation Lab

Speaker is a candidate for the 613 Lab Chief position

My career trajectory since joining GSFC in 1997 has spanned from searching
for evidence of 3D radiative effects in the reflectances measured by Landsat
instruments to supervising the development of a two-moment cloud
microphysical scheme for Large Scale Models. I feel fortunate to have worked
in an environment where cultivating such a broad range of research interests
is facilitated and encouraged.

I will highlight in my talk recent research endeavors of mine which have led
to an appreciation of why data synthesis and diversity in analysis
approaches are needed to better understand how climate and climate change
are affected by the interactions among radiation, clouds, aerosols and
precipitation. In addition, I will provide my perspective on how GSFC's own
Climate and Radiation Research will maintain and strengthen its leadership
position in such integrated studies. A rationale for the recent
reorganization of atmospheric research within the Earth Sciences Division
was to more strongly emphasize coordination of activities within the new
Laboratories. I will discuss why I think this appears to be bearing fruit,
how it can be reinforced, and what opportunities can be explored for
expanding research integration even more broadly within the Division and