613 Seminar: Clark Weaver

NASA GSFC, Code 614

A thirty-five year record (1980-2014) of Shortwave TOA radiative cloud forcing is derived from UV Lambertian-Equivalent (LER) reflectivity data constructed using measured upwelling radiances from Nimbus-7 SBUV and seven NOAA SBUV/2 polar orbiting instruments.  The approach is to scale the dimensionless UV LER data to match the CERES Shortwave Cloud radiative forcing when they are concurrent (2000-2014). T he derived time-invariant scaling factors are then used to produce a CERES-proxy of SW cloud forcing back to 1980.  There is good agreement between trends and anomalies of the CERES-proxy and CERES Shortwave Cloud forcing records during the overlapping data period (2000-2014) and good agreement between the CERES-proxy and the ISCCP cloud radiative forcing (1983-2009). Both comparisons support using this new data set for extended climate studies. Finally, we compare this new cloud forcing record with historical CMIP5 AMIP simulations and future RCP45 long-term simulations.

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