613 Seminar: Eric Wilcox

Desert Research Institute

Light-absorbing aerosols are known to affect the dynamics of cumulus clouds through their impacts on the relative humidity, thermal structure and static stability of the troposphere.  Studies of this semi-direct effect of aerosols on clouds indicate some surprising similarities and differences among the cloud responses to black carbon aerosols in three different locations where the semi-direct effect is known to operate: the southeast Atlantic Ocean, the tropical Indian Ocean and the Amazon Basin.  In this talk I will review integrated analyses of in-situ, surface and satellite observations from all three of these locations to evaluate evidence for either a cloud "burn-off" or enhanced cloud development due to black carbon aerosols.  Furthermore, I will probe the linkages among aerosol radiative forcing, surface energy fluxes and boundary-layer turbulence that dictate the mechanisms by which the semi-direct effect operates on clouds.
Seminar Series Coordinators
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