613 Seminar Series: Jennifer C. Wei

Goddard Earth Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC), Code 610.2

First established as the Goddard Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) in 1993, and re-named as the Goddard Earth Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center (DISC) in early 2000, it has always been our objective to provide Earth science data, information, and services to research scientists, applications scientists, applications users, and students.  Our data belong to the NASA Earth Science Focus Areas: Atmospheric Composition, Water & Energy Cycles, and Climate Variability. We also archive data sets in the Carbon Cycle & Ecosystem focus area, but we describe this area in the context of the three previously mentioned.
In recent years, we have enhanced the GES DISC’s information services through the development of tools and services that promote easier use of Earth science data and information. Over time, as the data and information management needs of science researchers have become more sophisticated and complex, we have kept pace by developing tools and services that help our users to more easily extract the information they seek from data they work with.
In this presentation, I will briefly describe who we are, why we evolved from the Goddard DAAC to the GES DISC, and how we are advancing past the 'traditional' DAAC role of data archive and distribution to now offering the capability to analyze and mine large amounts of data.
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