Affiliation: USRA/Climate & Radiation Laboratory
Event Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Location: Building 33, Room H114
Time: 1:30 PM

Jie Gong

USRA & The Climate & Radiation Laboratory

Can we learn vertical structure of ice microphysics from passive microwave observations?


In the era of information big-bang, we can easily get overwhelmed or “take a ride on the wild side”. Taking satellite passive microwave measurements as an example: originally we could only retrieve column integrated or surface quantities with coarse horizontal resolution; with the introduction of new mathematical methods (e.g., Bayesian or neural-network), the vertical information of things like cloud water content can now be retrieved by using multiple channels together. In this talk, I’ll show that we can even derive some vertical information of ice microphysics from polarized passive microwave observations, and how they can influence surface precipitation intensity. This work could not be done without joint passive and active observations from space. I’ll show how much more we can potentially learn by taking advantage of both.

If you are interested in clouds, precipitation, microwave retrievals or even weather dynamics, come to my seminar.

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