613 Seminar: Xiaomei Lu


CALIOP, the dual wavelength (1064 nm, 532 nm), polarization-sensitive lidar flying aboard the CALIPSO satellite, has been operating since June 2006. CALIOP provides vertical profiles of the elastic backscattering between 82N and 82S from a near nadir-viewing during day and night.

Though largely ignored prior to launch, the signals from CALIOP surface returns have since been mined for a wealth of unanticipated new discoveries. These valuable signals provide unique information that complements existing Terra, Aqua and Suomi NPP data products. This information includes nighttime measurements; measurements underneath aerosols and non-opaque clouds; measurements in Polar Regions during all seasons and over sea-ice; and direct measurements of depolarization ratio at 532 nm. We develop the innovative uses of CALIOP data for bathymetry, forest and cryosphere studies including: the bathymetry of shallow water, the height of the Forest canopy, the sea ice area/extent, surface melting over the polar region, and the snow/sea ice surface bidirectional reflectance (BRDF).

The talk will present and discuss the innovative uses of the CALIOP instrument data captured as part of the CALIPSO satellite mission.

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