613 Virtual Seminar Series: Belay Demoz/UMBC-JCET

Prof. Belay Demoz

Director, Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET)

University of Maryland Baltimore County


Observing the Weather and Climate ...: Motivation, Progress, Challenges, and Prospects

The title for my talk is taken from the 2009 National Academy Committee report “Observing the Weather and Climate from the Ground Up: A Nationwide Network of Networks” that made the case for a thermodynamic profiling of the immediate atmospheric layer (Planetary Boundary layer or PBL) we influence.  I have been involved in advocating for a network of thermodynamic profiler networks most of my professional time – which started at the Climate and Radiation Laboratory.  I will focus this talk to give my view of the motivation for this boundary layer observation (net)work, the many recommendations out there including the recent NASA Decadal survey, a status update of what is being done, and perhaps what needs to be done.  With my graduate students and colleagues, we are involved in many aspects of PBL-science and instrumentation. I will give an update of the PBL work from my vantage point, although it may be biased by my experience. I will mention our work on the lidar network from the national Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) operated by the National Weather Service (NWS) and Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Challenges associated with operational real-time, examples of US-networks for PBL profiling data, and its potential will be discussed. I will address the challenges, promise, and prospects of future weather and climate profiling networks.




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