Aprille Ericsson

NASA GSFC/Flight Projects
?From the ‘hood in Brooklyn (NY) to banks of the Charles River (Cambridge, MA) to the MECCA and political machinery of Washington, DC, follow my journey of being in a Tom-girl growing up in the Bed-Sty Projects with a budding interest in STEAM to becoming a Rocket Scientist for NASA. I will share the impact of watching men going to the moon and the multicultural Star Trek show; my days as jockette/baller (that is football, basketball and softball); the ah-ha moment of realizing what you want to be when you grow up, my failures and successes in the classroom; landing that first/second NASA job and the challenges and rewards of the NASA Job; figuring out what makes me happy and balancing life. Also I will impart the lessons learned from impactful mentors in my life and career.