Climate Branch Seminar Series: Belay B. Demoz

Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Howard University


The Howard university Beltsville research Campus, a 110-acre research campus in Beltsville Maryland (a 10-minutes drive from NASA-GSFC) has been increasingly involved in national and international research collaborations. In addition, the site has hosted a number of NASA-related research activities that involve a number of NASA/GSFC colleagues. Examples of research include:  ground-based demonstration of the 3D Doppler satellite wind mentioned in the NASA Decadal survey; the WAVES series of experiments for inter-comparisons of radiosonde and lidar derived water vapor accuracy; and the study of the Low level jet and its contribution to the air quality of the state of Maryland. Research highlights and training from the above as well as the sites contribution to the Howard University Program in Atmospheric Studies (HUPAS) and potential as a co-laboratory for national and international research will be discussed. By providing highlights of ongoing research and training, my goal is to stimulate future collaboration between Howard University and scientists in the climate and radiation branch.