Climate & Radiation Branch Special Seminar: Charles K. Gatebe

UMBC-GEST & the Climate & Radiation Branch

Experience the ultimate in a research flight and see the world from a unique
perspective using sensors that measure light at selective frequencies.
During this amazing adventure, you may choose to fly through thick Canadian
smoke plumes, where light photons from an overhead Sun can hardly make it
through, and discover the stuff smoke is made of and how it affects our
weather and climate.  If that isn't enough excitement, then maybe the
Roll-AIR-Coaster ride is for you over the Pacific Ocean chasing large cargo
ships and discover how air bubbles trapped inside ship wakes enhance ocean
brightness.  Or just fly cross country to witness how human activities are
changing not only the face of the Earth, but also properties of clouds, and
therefore, the way the sun¹s energy affects the atmosphere.
So once you and I are safely strapped in, it's time to experience the
ultimate thrill, the future of airborne research with unmanned aircraft
and unravel the mystery of the interactions among land, oceans, aerosols and
clouds, and their conspiracy against our climate system.