Elizabeth Middleton

NASA GSFC, Code 618

 Elizabeth “Betsy” Middleton recently claimed her 40 year NASA Certificate and Pin.  During those four decades she has been fortunate to be directly involved in four satellite missions.  These were Landsat (ERRSAC), EO-1 (Mission Scientist), an ESA mission (FLEX) now in formulation phase A, and a successful NASA mission concept development team (HyspIRI).  In addition, she has been involved in basic research on plant physiology and reflectance characteristics.  Various in situ studies include hyperspectral and BRDF properties of plant canopies, UV-B effects on soybean, and nitrogen and drought effects on photosynthesis and fluorescence in cornfields.  She was also a PI and Co-PI in the FIFE and BOREAS multi-year field campaigns.  She will tell you about her unconventional path as a woman scientist while balancing family and care-giver responsibilities.