Guoyong Wen

GESTAR/Morgan State University and NASA/GSFC, 613

Solar radiation is the primary energy source for the Earth system and a unique external forcing to the climate system. The 2003 launch of SORCE (Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment) mission brought higher precision and accuracy to the total solar irradiance (TSI) measurements, and also more spectrally complete measurements of the spectral solar irradiance (SSI). SORCE observed SSI show the out-of-phase variations in UV, VIS, and NIR as compared to the in-phase variations from reconstruction that are widely used for Sun-climate study. Using a coupled ocean-atmosphere radiative convective model and the GISS GCM, we examine atmosphere and ocean temperature responses to the out-of-phase solar forcing inferred from SORCE observations and in-phase solar forcing. I will present temperature responses to the two types of solar forcing on decadal and centennial and longer time scales, and discuss issues in Sun climate research.