Mariya M. Petrenko - 613 Seminar Series

Biomass burning (BB) is one of the major sources of optically and chemically potent carbonaceous aerosols, gaseous aerosol precursors, and volatile organic compounds. It is, therefore, important to represent these emissions as accurately as possible in the global and regional models. To correctly simulate BB emissions from a fire, the model needs two key inputs: strength of the fire and emission injection height. Focusing on the source strength part of the picture, I’ll introduce the method of using snapshots of aerosol optical depth obtained from satellite instruments as a reference for refining BB emissions in the global model. GOCART is the model I use for testing. To further explore the effects of the model configuration on the model-to-satellite AOD comparison, we involved other global models in the study. Based on the pilot studies of injection height by M. val Martin et al. (2010, 2013), and of source strength by M. Petrenko et al. (2012) we proposed an AeroCom-coordinated multi-model BB experiment. For this experiment both fire source strength and emission height reference datasets have been developed from MODIS and MISR observations. These datasets will be used as an input to the model or to validate and improve the BB emissions in the global models. I’ll provide an overview of the AeroCom experiment and some very preliminary results of the intercomparison.