Tianle Yuan


While many issues remain with regard to aerosol effect on warm, stratiform clouds our understanding of aerosol impact on convective clouds is even more rudimentary. In this talk I present our recent progress in understanding the symptoms and consequences of aerosol impact on convective clouds. We show that aerosol impact manifests in both microphysical and macrophysical structures of convective clouds. More specifically, we show observational evidence of aerosols invigorate maritime convection and dramatically increase lightning activity of these clouds. We quantify these aerosol effect and assess their consequences in terms of atmospheric chemistry, especially tropospheric ozone production. Through this investigation we show a clear integrated link among aerosols, clouds and chemistry. If time permits, I will also present results regarding aerosol impact on shallow cumulus clouds. Here we show a clear observational documentation of how aerosols modify cloud microphysics, lead to increase in cloud fraction and result in large aerosol indirect radiative forcing in the trade cumulus regime.