Branch Seminar Series: Dr. Jérôme Benveniste

European Space Agency - ESRIN
The European Space Agency, ESA, has been dedicated to observing the Earth from space ever since the launch of its first meteorological mission Meteosat back in 1977. Following the success of this first mission, the subsequent series of Meteosat satellites, ERS-1, ERS-2 and ENVISAT have been providing us with a wealth of invaluable data about the Earth, its climate and changing environment. It is crucial, however, that we continue to further observe and understand the Earth system and its processes, enabling us to predict the effects a changing climate may bring. As our quest for knowledge continues to grow, so does our demand for accurate satellite data to be used for numerous scientific and practical applications related to understanding and protecting the environment. As a result, ESA's Living Planet Programme is comprised of two main components: a science and research element, which includes the Earth Explorer missions, and the Earth Watch element designed to facilitate the delivery of Earth Observation data for the eventual use in operational services. This presentation will introduce the key components of ESA's Living Planet Programme, focusing on the Cryosphere, Oceanography, Continental Hydrology and Geodesy.