Branch Seminar Series: Lora Koenig and Tom Neumann

NASA Code 614.1
Please join Lora Koenig and Tom Neumann (both 614.1) as they present slides from their recent field seasons in Greenland and Antarctica. Lora Koenig will present dark and sunless slides from her time at Summit, Greenland where she spent November 2008 through February 2009 as a Science Technician, and kept some 50 science experiments running happily. Lora will discuss radiometer and temperature data that she collected as well as an overview of the year round science conducted at Summit Camp. Tom will present bright and sunny slides from the 2008-09 Norway-USA Scientific Traverse of Antarctica, where he collected ice cores, snow pit samples and radar data. Lora will additionally advocate the advantages of living in buildings insulated by snow drifts whereas Tom will advocate for mobile housing which has the advantage of mobile scenery.