February 2015

Crawford's Field Campaign To Measure Snow Properties In Minnesota

As part of his NASA postdoctoral program research, Christopher Crawford will lead a field excursion on snowmobiles into the mid-continent near boreal forest region of Voyagers National Park on the Minnesota -Canadian border. Crawford will be accompanied by his University of Minnesota colleague, Lane Johnson. They will collect ground-based measurements of pure snow, snow in forest, and snow on lakes using a field spectrometer supported by the Biospheric Optics Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Crawford will take measurements in coincidence with Landsat 7 and 8 acquisitions, and a hyperspectral image from the EO-1 Hyperion Imaging Spectrometer is scheduled. Ground-based measurements of snow properties are important for validating snow cover, snow grain size, and snow albedo retrieval algorithms, supporting current and future operational snow mapping applications, and advancing research on satellite snow product development to enable climate and hydrological science studies on seasonal snow variability and change.