July 2015

Laboratory Participates In 2015 Science Jamboree

A dozen members of the Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory participated in the 2015 Science Jamboree's, Goddard's yearly outreach event that bring together displays and demonstrations from all of the center's science divisions.
The laboratory's booth, which received visits from Chris Scolese, Goddard Center Director (pictured), Colleen Hartman, Science and Exploration Directorate (SED) Director and SED Deputy Director Piers Sellers, featured an over 200-year-old ice core from Greenland, a demonstration of glacier dynamics and models of the aircraft that Operation IceBridge uses in its Arctic and Antarctic campaigns. Member of the lab discussed cryospheric research with a constant stream of summer interns, day visitors and researchers from other laboratories, and handed out outreach materials on ICESat-2, Operation IceBridge and sea ice.