June 2018

Summer Intern Working On Mobile App

Emme Wiederhold, a rising junior undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis who is pursuing a degree in Computer Science with minors in Architecture and Design, will be interning at the lab this summer. Under the supervision of Valerie Casasanto, Wiederhold will be working on HoloGLOBE, a mobile application that combines different data sets to help users visualize and understand Earth from a new perspective: as a hologram. Emme is developing a HoloGLOBE module specific to the upcoming ICESat-2 mission.

“As the application is geared towards elementary school children and older, I am planning to integrate our ICESat-2 character, Pho the Photon, into the app to teach users about the mission in a fun new way,” Wiederhold says. She will also work on integrating some of ICESat-2’s elevation data into the app and she will participate in ICESat-2 outreach events.