May-June 2011

Explore@NASA Goddard

05.09.11 -- Scientists are taking part in the open house event at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on Saturday, May 14, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event, Explore@NASA Goddard, is organized into six zones including Earth Science, where visitors can experience how NASA measures and monitors our changing Earth.

Make a stop at the Visitor Center throughout the day and use ICESat images to see how Arctic sea ice has declined in recent years. At 3 p.m., visit the Educator Resource Center (located within the Visitor Center) to chat with IceBridge project scientist Michael Studinger, live from the mission’s base in Thule, Greenland. The mission’s deputy project scientist Lora Koenig, who returned from the field on May 7, will also be on hand to answer questions.

> Visit the Explore@NASA Goddard Web page for more information and to view the event program.

Goin’ ROGUE!

05.02.11 -- Scientists Matt Hoffman and Tom Neumann are in Greenland this month for the Real-time Observations of Greenland’s Under-ice Environment (ROGUE) project. The goal of ROGUE is to examine the nature and cause of short-term ice velocity changes near Swiss Camp, Greenland, by observing interactions between the ice sheet, the atmosphere and the bed. The team’s primary objective this spring is to install eight GPS stations on the ice sheet to measure how fast the ice is flowing toward the ocean. 

> Follow their adventures here.

Matt Hoffman (above) poses in front of the LC-130 that carried the team and cargo to Greenland. Credit: NASA/Matt Hoffman