November 2015

Lab Chief Gives Talk To Ambassador Brzezinski

On November 6, Laboratory Chief Thorsten Markus gave a presentation at the NASA Goddard’s hyperwall on NASA’s leadership in Arctic science to Ambassador Mark Brzezinski, Tom Wagner (cryosphere program scientist at NASA Headquarters), and representatives from the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy. Ambassador Brzezinski is the Executive Director of the US Interagency Arctic Executive Steering Committee. The purpose of his visit to NASA was to inform Ambassador Brzezinski on NASA’s activities in preparation for the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, COP 21. The group also visited the ICESat-2 integration facilities and met with ICESat-2 Instrument Manager Cathy Richardson. 

Carrying Fieldwork and Blogging From Antarctica

Ice sheet modelers Ryan Walker and Christine Dow are spending a month at the Jang Bogo station in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica, to measure flexure of ice tongues due to ocean tides. The researchers are installing five GPS stations on floating sections of the Nansen Ice Shelf, to record uplift of the ice, plus two tilt sensors at the grounding line to measure subtle changes in ice uplift and motion.

  • To read more about Walker and Dow’s field work, check out their blog.