September 2016

Nine Lab Members Receive HOBI Awards

The outstanding work of nine members of the cryospheric science laboratory was recognized during the 2016 Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences Annual Award Ceremony, held on Sept. 1. Stacy Milligan and Lisa Karmel received the HOBI award for exceptional administrative support. Ludovic Brucker won the HOBI outreach award for exceptional public outreach and mentoring of students in the field of remote sensing of the cryosphere. Kyle Krabill, Nick DiGirolamos, Larry Stock, Jeremy Harbeck and Jeff Guerber all got awards for outstanding technical support far beyond their responsibilities.

Finally, Dorothy Hall (pictured) received the HOBI Career Achievement award, recognizing her lifetime work.

 New Member of The Lab

Melinda Webster joined the Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory in September as a NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow. She comes from the University of Washington, where she completed a Ph.D. in Oceanography researching snow and melt ponds on Arctic sea ice. During her fellowship at Goddard, she'll use laser altimetry data from NASA’s ICESat and Operation IceBridge missions to investigate the topographic changes in first-year and multiyear sea ice, and the effects of those changes on spring snow distributions and summer melt pond coverage.

New blog: Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project 2016

Sea ice scientist Alek Petty will spend four weeks participating in the 2016 Joint Ocean Ice Study, a research expedition around the Arctic Ocean’s Beaufort Gyre. The goal of these expeditions, which have been taking place since 2013, is to better understand the Beaufort Gyre’s circulation, freshwater content, water mass properties and biota distributions. Petty will be blogging about his experience in NASA’s Earth Observatory’s “Notes from the Field” blog.

  • Check out the Beaufort Gyre Exploration blog.