Antarctic Elevation Laser Profiles and Digital Model

Ice In Motion

Ice in Motion, a series of posters depicting NASA’s work in Greenland, is now freely available for download. The posters, which were translated into Danish and Greenlandic with the help of high school students, are currently on display at several airports and high schools in Greenland.

ICESat-2 Videos

ICESat-2 is a satellite mission to measure the height of Earth's ice-covered regions to track melting and other changes. From space, it will also measure the height of other features of our planet, including trees and shrubs, lakes and buildings.

Operation IceBridge Postcards

Send a "note from the field" with postcards featuring images from Operation IceBridge, NASA's six-year airborne mission to monitor Earth's polar ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice. Display the front of the cards to showcase spectacular images and visualizations from the mission. Turn the cards over to read factoids and learn about the ice at Earth's polar regions.