Science Highlights

Satellite-based remote sensing data set of global surface water storage change from 1992 to 2018

A Mission Milestone: 1000 Repeat Cycles of TOPEX/Jason Altimetry

Daily large-scale terrestrial water storage variations recovered by GRACE

Replacing GRACE/GRACE-FO with satellite laser ranging: Impacts on Antarctic Ice Sheet mass change

GEDI Mission Early Success

Water storage trends in High Mountain Asia

GRACE observability of the gravitational changes of the Earth’s free oscillation from earthquakes

Improved Earth Oblateness Rate Reveals Increased Ice Sheet Losses and Mass-Driven Sea Level Rise

Regularization and Error Characterization of GRACE Mascons

Tests of ocean tide models using GRACE ranging data

Recovered Apollo 15 & 17 Heat Flow Data and their Interpretation

Tidal Power and Banding in Jupiter