Science Highlights

Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser Ranging Station Joins the NASA Space Geodesy Network

Prediction of Geomagnetic Secular Variation (SV) using GSFC Geomagnetic Ensemble Modelling System (GEMS)

The wide-field VLBI survey reveals thousands of new compact extragalactic radio sources

First Satellite Observations of “Third-degree” Ocean Tides

Ionospheric Total Electron Content from Satellite Altimetry

Lake and Reservoir Volume Variations in South America from Radar Altimetry, ICESat Laser Altimetry, and GRACE Time-variable Gravity

First GRACE Gravitational Measurements of Tsunamis

VLBI associates one half of gamma-ray sources discovered by Fermi

Satellite-based remote sensing data set of global surface water storage change from 1992 to 2018

A Mission Milestone: 1000 Repeat Cycles of TOPEX/Jason Altimetry

Daily large-scale terrestrial water storage variations recovered by GRACE

Replacing GRACE/GRACE-FO with satellite laser ranging: Impacts on Antarctic Ice Sheet mass change