Code 614 Brown Bag Seminar: Christa Peters-Lidard

NASA, Code 614.3 Hydrological Sciences Branch
Shortly after Dr. Ed Weiler's arrival as the new GSFC Center Director, he expressed a desire to have hour-long "science chats" on different topics in the Earth sciences. The intent of these chats is both to provide an introductory education and to summarize GSFC activities in each field. This seminar will present important progress and opportunities in terrestrial hydrology as discussed with Ed Weiler in my March 2, 2005, "Terrestrial Hydrology Science Chat". Key activities in the Hydrological Sciences Branch include (i) observational science, (ii) modeling and data assimilation, and (iii) applications. In the observational science area, current hydrology missions and mission concepts such as Hydros, Cold Lands Processes Pathfinder, and Surface Water will be discussed. Pioneering modeling and data assimilation capabilities such as our Land Data Assimilation Systems (LDAS) make the observations useful for both science and applications. Our branch’s strong interagency partnerships in water resources and several other applications areas represent great opportunities to maximize the benefits of NASA science for society. The Hydrological Sciences Branch’s unique end-to-end activities linking NASA science to applications should be considered as a model for the Laboratory and the Division.