Code 614.3 Hydrological Sciences Branch LIS Science Seminar

Toshihisa Matsui, NASA/GSFC Mesoscale Dynamics and Modeling Group, Mesocale Atmospheric Processes Branch Code 613.1
Abstract A comprehensive unified satellite simulator, Goddard Satellite Data Simulation Unit (SDSU), is being developed at the Goddard Mesoscale Dynamics and Modeling Group. The Goddard SDSU is the end-to-end multi satellite simulator unit that can compute satellite-consistent radiance or backscattering signals from visible to microwave spectrum ranges based upon the simulated atmosphere and condensates consistent to the microphysics within the cumulus ensemble models. These simulated radiances and backscattering can be directly compared with the high-resolution satellite direct observations from TRMM satellite and A-Train satellites in order to establish the satellite-based cloud-parameterization evaluation framework. This presentation introduces applications of the Goddard SDSU and a simulator-based evaluation framework for the Goddard Cumulus Ensemble (GCE) model, Goddard Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model, and Goddard Multi-scale Modeling Framework (MMF). This new evaluation utilizes novel statistics of multi-frequency radiance and backscattering signals observed from the TRMM and A-Train constellations of satellites in order to evaluate cloud-precipitation types and microphysics in these modeling systems. To this end, i) key issues of biases and improvement in the Multi-Scale Cumulus Ensemble Model and ii) further development and application of Goddard SDSU will be discussed.