Seminar: Jeff Walker

Univ. of Melbourne
A series of two month-long airborne field experiments are planned for November 2005 and November 2006 in experimental catchments of south-eastern Australia (see These catchments are the 7,000km2 Goulburn River catchment located near Newcastle in 2005, and the 650km2 Kyeamba Creek catchment and 2,500km2 study area at Yanco near Canberra in 2006. These catchments represent a range of landuse, land cover, soil and climatic conditions with extensive insitu monitoring of soil moisture profiles and supporting data (see Instruments to be carried by the small 2-seater experimental aircraft are a Polarimetric L-band Multibeam Radiometer (PLMR), thermal imager, tri-spectral scanner and lidar (see Spatial resolutions will range from 50m to 1km for the PLMR and 1m to 20m for all other instruments. While this series of experiments has a focus on soil moisture satellite validation and algorithm development, including multiangular retrieval and downscaling, it is open to collaboration from other related disciplines also needing similar data. Moreover, anyone who has an interest in using this data is invited to participate in the planning and execution of data collection activities. This seminar will present details of the catchments, ground and air instrumentation, and proposed field plan.