Terrestrial Water Cycle Seminar: Dr. Marco Tedesco (City College of NY)

Hosted by the GOST group

In this talk I will present results regarding not only some of the elements of the Terrestrial Water Cycle, but also regarding the Greenland ice sheet. I will describe recent results obtained at the Cryosphere Processes and Remote Sensing Laboratory at the City College of New York regarding the improvement of estimates on some of the snow and ice related quantities from remote sensing applications, through fieldwork activities and electromagnetic or atmospheric models. In particular, I will  focus on 3 major topics: 1) retrieval of snow depth or snow water equivalent from passive microwave observations (e.g., to support the current AMSR-E SWE product and its updates); 2) studies of accumulation over the dry snow area of the Greenland ice sheet and 3) melting of the Greenland ice sheet with emphasis on long- term trends, genesis and evolution of superglacial lakes and englacial systems.