TWC Seminar- Jeff Basara

Oklahoma Climatological Survey

The Southern Great Plains (SGP) of the United States is a region of dynamic weather and climate. In addition the SGP region has demonstrated significant coupling between the land surface and atmospheric processes across varying spatial and temporal scales during the warm season. As such, mesocsale events including deep convection as well as regional drought and pluvial periods are impacted by land-atmosphere interactions and gradients in the surface conditions.

With the establishment of the Oklahoma Mesonet in 1994 and subsequent upgrades to the sensors deployed at the over 100 sites across the state, near real-time, collocated observations of soil and atmospheric variables have been collected, quality assured, and archived. At the same time additional observing systems and field campaigns have increased the breadth of the information gathered on soil, vegetation, and atmospheric processes across the SGP region. Such datasets have led numerous studies that have increased the understanding of how land-atmosphere interactions impact the local weather and climate of the SGP region, and more specifically, across Oklahoma.