TWC Seminar: Speaker Dr. Augusto Getirana

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) and Hydrological Sciences Laboratory/617, NASA GSFC

Recent studies have given special attention to the development and improvement of river routing schemes (RRS) since they can have multiple applications in hydrological studies. For example, in a data assimilation (DA) framework, RRS can be applied to evaluate how DA of different datasets (soil moisture, snow cover, surface temperature, water elevation, etc.) improves the water budget by comparing observed and simulated streamflows. It can also be used to provide a better understanding of surface water dynamics and to evaluate and improve water and energy budgets simulated by land surface models (LSMs). Progress attained with such developments can ultimately improve flood simulations and forecasts, along with the evaluation of water use impacts on the environment, society and economy at the basin scale. Several river routing approaches have been suggested in the last few decades, differing among them in terms of physical complexity and spatial and temporal resolutions. This presentation outlines a few modeling attempts using LSM-RRS coupled systems in West Africa, the Amazon and North America, along with evaluations using both ground-based and satellite data. Two river routing schemes will be presented in this context: the ALMIP-2 river RouTing Scheme (ARTS) and the Hydrological Modeling and Analysis Platform (HyMAP). Additionally, the recent implementation of HyMAP in the Land Information System (LIS) will briefly be presented.
Speaker Bio:
Dr. Augusto Getirana is a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow in the Hydrological Sciences Laboratory at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He received his Ph.D. degrees in 2009 from both the University of Toulouse III in Earth Sciences, and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Civil Engineering, with a focus in Hydrology. Previous institutions that Dr. Getirana worked for are Meteo-France and the French Space Agency (CNES), both located in Toulouse, France. His research interests focus on the understanding of hydrological processes at different spatial and temporal scales based on the development and application of hydrological models, and integrating remotely sensed data, particularly radar altimetry. His current research centers on improving the simulation of the surface water dynamics coupling land surface models and river routing schemes.