Science Highlights

Spatial and temporal variability in the hydroxyl radical (OH): understanding the role of large-scale climate features and their influence on OH through its dynamical and photochemical drivers

Solar activity and responses observed in Balmer lines

Elucidating Impacts of Aerosol and Environmental Conditions on Maritime and Continental Deep Convective Systems Using a Bin Microphysical Model

Using NASA Aura MLS and GMAO MERRA-2 data to resolve seasonal differences in lower stratospheric temperature, circulation, and composition due to the MJO

The jet stream controls the summer surface O3-temperature relationship

Calculating the Height of Volcanic Cloud SO2 With a Lagrangian Trajectory

Inconsistencies in sulfur dioxide emissions from the Canadian oil sands and potential implications

NDACC Stratospheric Transport Trends from 1994-2018 show Hemispheric Asymmetry

Unprecedented 2020 U.S. West Coast Wildfire Season: A view from DSCOVR-EPIC using near UV observations

GEOS GMI-based Climatology of Diurnal Variability in Stratospheric Ozone to Reduce Uncertainty in Multi-Satellite Data Records

Satellite-based reflectances capture large fraction of variability in global gross primary production (GPP) at weekly time scales

New Generation Aura OMI NO2 Standard Product