Science Highlights

NDACC Stratospheric Transport Trends from 1994-2018 show Hemispheric Asymmetry

GEOS GMI-based Climatology of Diurnal Variability in Stratospheric Ozone to Reduce Uncertainty in Multi-Satellite Data Records

Satellite-based reflectances capture large fraction of variability in global gross primary production (GPP) at weekly time scales

New Generation Aura OMI NO2 Standard Product

Abrupt decline in tropospheric nitrogen dioxide over China after the outbreak of COVID-19

Reductions in Sulfur Dioxide & Nitrogen Dioxide Air Pollution over South Asia Associated with Efforts to Control the Spread of COVID-19

Reductions in Nitrogen Dioxide Air Pollution Presumably Associated with Reductions in Fossil Fuel Use

New Sensor for Stratospheric Aerosol Measurements - MASTAR

Ceramic industry at Morbi as a large source of SO2 pollution in India

Evaluation of NASA's high-resolution global composition simulations

Temporal characterization of dust activity in the Central Patagonia desert (years 1964–2017)

Aura/OMI Solar Spectral Irradiances: Comparisons with Independent Datasets and Model Predictions