Science Highlights

Detecting cloud morphology in NASA MODIS data with deep learning

Deep Blue Aerosol Layer Height from VIIRS and OMPS-NM

Daytime cloud fraction variability using DSCOVR/EPIC observations

Using VIIRS SNPP to continue MODIS Aerosol as a Climate Data Record

Cloud Detection over Snow and Ice  using DSCOVR-EPIC’s Oxygen Bands

Learning about biomass-burning aerosol absorption properties from ground-based measurements in Thailand

MODIS Observing Distinct Trends of Combustion Aerosol

Searching for signals of aerosol-cloud interactions with large-scale datasets

Understanding Volcanic Plume Evolution from Space

MERRA-2 represents skilfully the thermodynamic structure of the Antarctic boundary layer

Surface Polarized Reflectance is not Spectrally Invariant

3D-Winds from Low-Earth and Geostationary Stereo Imaging