Parkinson Inducted Into AAAS

Parkinson Inducted Into American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Senior Climate Scientist Claire Parkinson was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), in a ceremony held at Harvard University’s Sanders Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 6, 2018. 
“It is both a wonderful honor and a wonderful opportunity to be elected into the American Academy, which was founded by John Adams and others in 1780, during the American Revolution, with the purpose of cultivating ‘every art and science which may tend to advance the interest, honor, dignity, and happiness of a free, independent, and virtuous people’,” Parkinson said. “The Academy undertakes many important studies on a wide range of interdisciplinary topics, one this year being on Science and the Legal System.”
In addition to the induction itself, the three-day Induction Weekend included briefings on the work of the Academy, a celebration of the arts and humanities, and an extended talk-show-style interview with newly inducted member Sonia Sotomayor, who provided insights into her life and various aspects of being a Supreme Court justice.