Science Highlights

Biases in CloudSat Falling Snow Estimates Resulting from Daylight-Only Operations

PACRAIN Atoll Gauge Observations Validate High Quality Monthly IMERG Precipitation Estimates over the Data-Sparse Open Ocean

Impacts of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) on Surface N2O

Polarized Micro Pulse Lidar Retrievals Provide Vertical Observations of Cloud Thermodynamic Phase

Inclusion of Dynamic Surface Information Improves GPM Precipitation Retrievals

Analysis of GPM Microwave Imager Lake Effect Snow Retrievals Provides Improvements to the GPROF Operational Algorithm

Compact Graphical Representation of Spatial Time Series Data Sets Reveals Subtle Changes in Tropical Ocean Rainfall

Innovative New Approach to Horizontal Wind Retrievals from NASA High-Altitude Airborne Radars Will Advance Understanding of Storm Dynamics

High Resolution, Altitude-Corrected Monthly Satellite Precipitation Product Improves Estimates in Mountain Regions

Five Years of GPM Observations Reveal Land Surface Response to Precipitation

International Study Highlights Gaps to Address with Future Spaceborne Cloud and Precipitation Radars

Radar Observations Discover Impact of Waves on Hurricane Secondary Eyewall Formation