Calibration & Validation for Ocean Color Remote Sensing

In July, two Ocean Ecology staff members participated in a NASA-sponsored summer course conducted at the University of Maine's Ira C. Darling Marine Center titled "Calibration and Validation for Ocean Color Remote Sensing". Jeremy Werdell (SSAI) was an instructor and Aimee Neeley (SSAI) was a student.

This 3-week course consisted of a combination of graduate-level lectures, field research with state-of-the-art instrumentation, group projects, and intensive analysis and presentation of data. It provided a hands-on experience for 20 students based on collaboration with core University of Maine faculty, guest faculty and speakers, and NASA scientists.

The ultimate deliverable to NASA was twofold. First, high quality bio-optical data collected during a 2-day field campaign was prepared for submission to the NASA SeaWiFS Archive and Storage System (SeaBASS) for use in OEB satellite validation and algorithm development activities.

Second, a comprehensive multi-instrument calibration/deployment/data analysis document was prepared to accompany this data submission. The OEB will use the latter as a template for future data submission for NASA Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry funded scientists contributing data to SeaBASS.