Branch Seminar Series: Xiaowen Li

GEST center, UMBC
A Pixar short film (Lifted, 2007) will be shown. Dr. Xiaowen Li from branch 613.1 will then draw analogies between her experiences of using the Goddard Cumulus Ensemble model, and a "little green man" trying to abduct a sleeping farmer under the watchful eyes of his teacher, Mr. B. The unique aspect of Dr. Li's cloud model is that it has a sophisticated, size-resolving bin spectral microphysical scheme. The emphasis of this talk is on validating the bin spectral microphysics using observations, both in situ and remote sensing, with case studies and climatological data. Comparisons between the bin scheme and the more widely used bulk scheme will be presented. The complicated interactions between cloud microphysics, storm dynamics and their impact on clouds' radiative properties will also be discussed. If you are a modeling fan, feel free to come on Goddard schedule (i.e., ~5 minutes late). If you are a movie buff and want to watch a wonderful Pixar production, please be sure to come on time, because 5-minute is the exact length of the movie.