Ocean Ecology Publications

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Craig, S., Lee, Z., Du, K.2020 Top of Atmosphere, Hyperspectral Synthetic Dataset for PACE (Phytoplankton, Aerosol, and ocean Ecosystem) Ocean Color Algorithm Development PANGAEA. [https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.915747] [Dataset]

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Mukherjee, L., Zhai, P., Gao, M., Hu, Y., Franz, B., Werdell, J. (2020). Neural Network Reflectance Prediction Model for Both Open Ocean and Coastal Waters Remote Sensing 12 (9): 1421 [10.3390/rs12091421] [Journal Article/Letter]

Scott, J., Crooke, S., Cetinić, I., Del Castillo, C., Gentemann, C. (2020). Correcting non-photochemical quenching of Saildrone chlorophyll-a fluorescence for evaluation of satellite ocean color retrievals Optics Express 28 (3): 4274 [10.1364/oe.382029] [Journal Article/Letter]

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Zhou, Y., Yang, Y., Gao, M., Zhai, P. (2020). Cloud Detection over Snow and Ice with Oxygen A- and B-band Observations from the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. [doi.org/10.5194/amt-13-1575-2020] [Journal Article/Letter]