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NASA’s new 3D picture of methane concentrations shows the second-largest contributor to greenhouse warming and its behavior throughout the atmosphere.

Seasonal Course of Leaf Optical and Structural Traits - Linking Structure with Dorsiventral and Specular Reflectance
The role of biosphere in climate mitigation and negative emission technologies
High Mountain Asia and Beyond: Regional Changes in Climate, Glaciers, and Water Resources
Climate Mitigation and BECCS
Structural Changes in Florida Mangroves Following Hurricane Irma
Ecological Effects of Rising Sea Level at Multiple Scales
Fluorescence spectrum retrieval from high-resolution radiance observations for the FLEX mission
The Great Migration: 3.8 billion years of carbon circulation through Earth
Zahra Thabet, Ryad Malti, Cindy Song, Michael Rawson, Priscilla Baltezar, Samantha Ballard