Climate & Radiation


We investigate atmospheric radiation, both as a driver for climate change and as a tool for the remote sensing of Earth's atmosphere and surface. Our Climate research program seeks to better understand how our planet reached its present state, and how it may respond to future drivers, both natural and anthropogenic.

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Abstract: NASA’s recent Earth science and technology incubation efforts have emphasized smaller, more flexible hardware platforms and improved science algorithms that can fuse information from hete

Mineral dust particles account for approximately a third of the shortwave radiation scattered and absorbed by all aerosols in the atmosphere.

Abstract: This study is the first attempt to document a simple convection tracking method based on the IMERG precipitation product to generate an IMERG-based Convection Tracking (IMERG-CT) dataset.

Maniac Talks

POC: Charles K. Gatebe, Phone: 301-614-6228, Email:

Maniac Talks are about what inspired people to do what they are doing now in their career. It's about their driving forces and motivators and what keeps them going. It's about how they overcome obstacles. The format of the talks is informal and discussion is encouraged. All talks are recorded/taped and archived at GSFC Library. The talks are also available on YouTube:

Associate Director for Institutional Planning and Development, Earth Sciences Division, NASA/GSFC.