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What is G-LiHT?

G-LiHT is a portable, airborne imaging system that simultaneously maps the composition, structure, and function of terrestrial ecosystems using:

  1. LiDAR to provide 3D information about the distribution of foliage and canopy elements; 
  2. imaging spectroscopy to discern species composition and variations in biophysical variables; and
  3. thermal measurements to quantify surface temperatures and detect heat and moisture stress.  

G-LiHT enables data fusion studies by providing coincident data in time and space, and provides fine-scale (<1 m) observations over large areas that are needed in many ecosystem studies.

G-LiHT Data Center Webmap

G-LiHT data can browsed and downloaded from our interactive webmap

Close-up screenshot of G-LiHT webmap  Overview screenshot of G-LiHT Webmap

G-LiHT study sites are located throughout North and Central America. The processed data is publicly available and can be downloaded in various formats such as: Canopy Height Models, Digital Terrain Models, flight paths, LiDAR Point Clouds, and Hyperspectral data where available.

G-LiHT Website

 For more information on G-LiHT, visit the G-LiHT Website.