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In the era of information big-bang, we can easily get overwhelmed or “take a ride on the wild side”.
Carr Astronautics Corp. and Climate & Radiation Laboratory
Investigations into Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) Changes During the Afternoon-to-Evening Transition
Combining Experts and Deep Learning to Obtain Insights from NASA Data
Exploring the capabilities of synergistic passive and active remote sensing with a new aerosol retrieval testbed
Measuring Earth's Energy Budget from a CubeSat

The MARA System and Its Applications

Three-dimensional microwave radiative transfer for modeling sensor observations of clouds and precipitation
Maniac Talk: Flying an instrument to every planet, ad hoc: how to get lucky
Maniac Talk: In the Name of Science: Some wild and crazy stories and concurrent advances in planetary science
The Spectral Measurements for Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (SMART) units: Strategically deployable ground-based network for surface irradiances, trace gases, and aerosols