Science Highlights

The age of surface-exposed ice along the northern margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Pervasive ice sheet mass loss reflects competing ocean and atmosphere processes

Winter Arctic sea ice thickness from ICESat-2 freeboards

Evaporation from the Southern Ocean Estimated on the Basis of AIRS Satellite Data

Increased snowfall over the Antarctic Ice Sheet mitigated twentieth-century sea-level rise

Assessment of altimetry using ground-based GPS data from the 88S Traverse, Antarctica, in support of ICESat-2

Warm Arctic, Increased Winter Sea Ice Growth?

Intercomparison of Precipitation Estimates over the Arctic Ocean and its Peripheral Seas from Reanalyses

Uncertainty Analysis: new MODIS Cloud-Gap Filled Snow Maps

Ice Area Losses near Puncak Jaya, Indonesia From Landsat

The Arctic sea ice cover of 2016: a year of record-low highs and higher-than-expected lows

Temperature and snowfall in western Queen Maud Land increasing faster than climate model projections