Work With Us

The Cryospheric Sciences Lab regularly hosts interns and science who work on a range of projects with our scientists.  The NASA intern program lists current opportunities for research internships within Code 615.  Interns range from the high school level up to graduate students and anywhere in between, and typically last for two months.  If you don’t see a research opportunity that fits your interest, consider reaching out to a lab member.

The NASA Post-Doctoral Research program provides two-year appointments for in-depth research with scientists in Code 615.  If you are interested in a potential post-doctoral research project, please reach out to a civil servant in Code 615 to begin that process.

In addition, the Cryospheric Sciences Lab regularly hosts visiting researchers who can benefit from close collaboration with lab members.  Potential visiting researchers should reach out to the Code 615 Lab Chief Dr. Tom Neumann.