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Cryo lab member Denis Felikson is lead author on a study looking at how gentler bed topography, may have a greater impact on glacier flow than previously thought.

Snow is vital for Earth’s ecosystems and humans. It regulates temperature by reflecting sunlight and acts as insulation. When it melts in the springtime, it produces life-giving water.

Goddard Space Flight Center airborne campaigns are highlighted in a recent Capital Weather Gang article in The Washington Post. The article describes the novel coronavirus's impact on scientific research and field campaigns.

Slight recoveries in the extent of sea ice at both poles were not enough to return to long-term normal levels.

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Central to the entire MOSAiC Expedition is the MOSAiC Floe: a large sheet of sea ice that was carefully selected as the ideal place to anchor Polarstern for an entire year.

Steven Fons writes the MOSAiC Leg 3 team is officially on board the Polarstern, and science activities have quickly begun.

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Parkinson Inducted Into American Academy of Arts and Sciences